Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol.36 Mag Scans *Pic Heavy* Part 1

Hey everyone! Gothic & Lolits Bible Vol.36 magazine scans!
This is just part 1 hehe! More to come!
I prefer them to be full size! It's simple that way hehe!


♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

gothic lolita! what a crazy combo. I saw a handful of girls that dressed like this when I was on my trip to Japan. Sometimes it makes me wonder how long it takes them to get ready! lol

Naka said...

thank you for the scans ^^

Mimi said...

Hahaha! xxx

Yoshi said...

I love your blog, there is always sweets news and things *o*
PS: I really like lolita, they have always charisma on photo

Mimi said...

Thank you ^_______^ xxx

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