Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Recent Haul & Post

I've been wanting to get this from Mac for a while now. It recently got repromoted in the Mac In The Groove Collection. So I had planned to get this one! I did want to originally get the Stereo Rose, however it seemed too dark for my skin. This one I had to get! This mineralize skinfinish is called Petticoat! ^^

I've been wanting to get this for ages now but never really got round to buying it! I also haven't bought myself any mac in ages! So this was my #1 amongst others haha! I love it! So pretty! It looks so perfect! Peach and gold! I think I'm going to do some more make up tutorials! I haven't done any. I just can't get good enough images haha! I might make a youtube channel. I'm not too sure yet. Though I'm going to deffo do a review on this! I'll show how to apply it too!

In direct sun light so you can really see the true colour. Isn't it lovely!

You can pick up a mixture of colours with this skin finish. The very bottom is the lightest part, the middle is the dark plum bronze colour, and the very top is a mixture of all. It's super shiny and It would be perfect for a nice highlighter! Eek I can't wait to use it!

Also this morning some lovely mail came! I recently bought the Koji Dollywink eyelash case! I've been meaning to get this for some time now! I have A LOT of eyelashes, so I like to keep them in cute storage! This is one thing that will always be in my bag! hehe!

Also this pretty necklace appeared in the mail ^^ It's classic Alice In Wonderland Theme! I think it's so pretty! Looks really classic! It's a 3D dome type necklace hehe^^ Really delicate I think anyway, I need to start wearing more jewls!

Then I got a lovely package from a friend! Haha! I've never seen so many pandas in one package haha! Cute panda stickers and ichigo stickers, cute notebooks and a cute panda bag! Kawaii ne! x

That's all for now! I'm planning on doing loads more posts soon! Also today I got 2 sets of deco nails done! I'll put them up soon!! I'm thinking of doing more tutorials! What do you think? xx


Fuyume said...

i love your blog especially as ur uk based lyk me.im goin shoppin in london on sat where wud u suggest? xxx

Mimi said...

Covent Garden all the way!! xx

Fuyume said...

awesome i'll check it out :)

Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

oh waaaw. what a cute blog and a looot of panda here ~~~
I'm a pandalicious too^^

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