Monday, 12 July 2010

Today's Mini Haul

Today I just quickly popped into London to get some bits!
This morning I had ran out of my Lush Dark Angels, so I wanted to change my face wash.
I'm thinking that I should put up my skincare routine! Though I have so many things!
I use Lush natural face cleansers, well one of them comes into my routine ^^
I used to use Dark Angels but now I'm going to try out Herbalism!
I dont know if I should do a review? Maybe I will, If you want a review then I'll do one ^3^
I don't really like the smell of it, though I've used it before and it worked wonders on my face
So I'm going back to this, It helps prevent oily skin, so it should help!
Nettle! Sounds kind of scary haha, It doesn't make my face tingle hehehehe
Rosemary & Ground Almonds to exfoliate, so it should be great!

Then I went into some Kawaii stores and bought some small cute goodies! 2 cute combs & a kawaii bread phone charm ^^ They're so cute! Haha I'm such a sucker for small cute things haha

Then I wanted to get some stuff to decorate the apartment! So I bought these stickers as I want to stick them onto some glasses! Some Things around the apartment with cute faces on! Haha Gaaah I love little things that make you smile! So yep! I'm going to put little cute faces everywhere ahaha!

So there you go ^^, Just a mini haul for today. I only spend like an hour in Covent Garden so it wasn't that crazy day of shopping haha. I'm saving up for this summer's holiday! Hopefully back home to Thailand, see my family again and some friends. Maybe I'll go to Korea, but I dont really know yet, I could spend longer in Thailand if I don't go Korea haha! Anyway thanks for reading x


jellytelly_ri-chan said...

love your mini haul and is that lush good??? =D

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

I've never used the Lush product for face wash... What do you think about them? Pls do a review!!

Naka said...

very cute haul ^^

Mimi said...

Heya!! Seems you want a review ^3^
Ill try it out for a week and then give it a review, so I know how it goes and works hehe ^____^ xxx

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