Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Snail Mail!!

I get mail every morning! This morning literally it was everywhere. So much!! So here are some things I got in the mail today ^3^ So I ordered some contacts!!
I ordered Barbie King Size Pink ^^ I was planning on getting Barbie King Size Brown but then I saw that they had pink in stock! These were at the top of my list to buy haha! Next up will be a brown! Ok! So I got these and they came with a cute little baby pink hippo contact lense case ^^

They're more baby pink than hot pink as in the pictures, but I actually prefer them to be baby pink. I'm not a big fan of hot pink really, so turning out to be a lighter pink was great^^ I can't wait to try these out! I'll deffinately be doing a review on these!!

Then I got a lovely letter from a friend, she sent along some really cute papers! So Kawaii ^3^ A lot of memo sheets! Haha! It seems to be one thing I never run out of hahaha!~x

I got such a cute package from another friend hehe! She got me loads of kawaii items! Loads of cute memo sheets!!! Cute letter sets! Cute Memo pads, pencils, strawberry key ring, Bubble gum & strawberry Lipbalm ^3^ So cute!

Then I receievd a lovely letter with some cute hello kitty phone charms. Also some cute stickers ^3^ Haha I love getting mail ^^ Small gifts you get in the morning hehe!

Hehe! Just some cute things that make me smile ^______^ xxxxx


jellytelly_ri-chan said...

wooohhh the pink actually looks nice!!!! Shall hunt for pink contacts now heheh XD

and all those cute stuffs!!! I miss snail mailing people and swapping of kawaii items ~~~~ and lovely snail mail pals you've got there ;)

enchi said...

I love all those kawaii stuff!!! >.<

Thanks for sharing!!!

much love,
enchi :3

Anonymous said...

Ah...Pretty! I wanna' see the contacts on you. <3

Naka said...

i love the contacts and the cute stationary :3

Ken said...

wow cute stationary =D

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