Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Decorating A New Apartment!

Currently buying some cute stuff for a new apartment ^3^
What do you think? Kawaii much?

Or maybe some hello kitty?

All items from:
Find some cute items there! Big stock up! Haha!


Elaine said...

i've always had a love of hello kitty!

i envy you --- i'd love to redecorate so i'm bugging the husband to make a move soemtime this year!

babyshrimp via swapbot
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Lisa Van said...

ohhhhhhh my goodness!!! everything is adorable. giving me a few ideas for when i move into my uni room! you'll have to do a room tour post :D xxx

Grace Wong said...

super cute, I want everything!

enchi said...

Definitely Rilakuma!!! Hello Kitty is really girly while Rilakuma is more on the kawaii side...hahah

I'm imagining your apartment to be the cutest one in the neighborhood :))

I wanna move in to your apartment!!! LOL


Much love,
enchi :3

jellytelly_ri-chan said...

cuteness overload!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I love your blog! It's so pink and happy... makes me look forward to seeing the lovely pics on your blog after a day at work. I see that you love lots of cute and kitschy stuff. Me too!

And, where did you get the pink contact lens? I've seen contact lens of many colours - blue, green, gray (i like!), brown, purple but never pink. So kawaii.

thewhimsicalworld at swap-bot
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billiemonster said...

I've never really been a huge fan of Kawaii (did I spell that wrong?!), BUT I have to admit, that stuff is dang cute!

Rosie said...

oh!!!! perfect!!! so cute, i must get some!!

and how exciting- a new apartment :) good luck with moving! ♥


Mia said...

They are all very pretty especially the Hello Kitty lot! :D

DANA said...

Love how cute your blog and all of the stuff is! Danajeanward from swap-bot

Longvacation said...

Those rilakkuma soap dispensers are so cute! I would be unable to actually use them, just display them.

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