Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Letter sets? Can you get enough?

My current obsession among many others right now is letter sets!
Can't get enough of them! I'm currently collecting letter sets! Still a few more to collect haha!
Can't really ever have enough haha! Lovely letters to lovely people!

You can buy these here: http://www.kawaiiya.com/
Check it out! Some cute stuff!!
Share the same obsession? haha!


Riechan said...

very cute ones!

siwing said...

cute ! i've been looking for stationary lately but they don't really have any cute stationary stores in VA.. great site !

Fuyume said...

i already share your obsession. letter sets, memo sheets, kawaii stickers. i love them all xxx oh and kawaii stationary - pens, pencils and erasers xxx

ElizabethMD Jewelery said...

OMG this is the cutest stuff I have ever seen!


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