Monday, 2 August 2010

Rilakkuma Love!

Just showing some rilakkuma love!
I've been thinking lately, I need to add a whole variety onto my blog
I'm thinking of posting about kawaii too now, rather than just beauty or nails.
I think there are so many interests I have! I'm just trying to list as many things as I can hehe!


Vintage Love and Photographs said...

I say yay for more kawaii! I like your pen collection..I have quite a few as well :D

Oh Sew Addicted said...

Love the deco mails! This is Oh Sew Addicted from Swap-bot Blog me baby! Cool blog! I liked reading it and I posted a link on my blog to yours!
I also followed you!
carla louise

kittycat said...

LOVE this post! eeee ^_^
definitely think you should post about kawaii

Anonymous said...

Rilakkuma milk!? Cute.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmm pocky.

I think the bears in the donuts (pens) are silly. Why not eat the donut? Awesome soluntion to being stuck and it's tasty too!

Dani aka Doodlebabe
Blog Me Baby swap

Naka said...

awh so cute ^^

amanda said...

i love rilakkuma too! (:

jellytelly_ri-chan said...

gosh!!! rilakkuma-chan!!! love it!!!!

DragonflyLanternshop said...

Cute cute cute !!

Mad About Pink said...

I love them!!!!!! it's a shame I can't find anything similar here in Italy. And still following you.
MAd About Pink from SB

Anonymous said...

Cute images!! Your blog is so cute, I love your blog too!

Blog Me Baby Swap

RJ @ A Life Designed said...

Such cute stuff! Is the top one milk cartons???

RJcanuck @ SB, via the Blog Me, Baby swap

Mimi said...

Mhm! Milk cartons! x

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