Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Alot can happen in such little time

People really want to see me more haha! So I'm going to start posting about my days haha!
More about me ^^ More updates on my life & me.
Haha I don't think I post enough about my lovely memories and days out haha!
Anyone been busy lately? This shall be the last ice cream till summer, Such memories can make one smile. Cookies & Cream Ice cream is my #1 fave.
It's getting cold out now, be sure to keep warm everyone! Big ear muffs to keep your ears toasty and snug! I've recently fallen inlove with authentic fox fur haha! Fox tails and ear muffs!
Seaside holiday. Lovely pooh bear kisses and the sunlight. Sunshine all around this summer holiday! Clotted cream & scones for tea rooms and small cubes of sugar. What else have I done? Except fall in love? Let's see!
New hair? I suppose I get too bored easily? Black contacts and a lot of korean food! Strawberry Cakes, rainfall. Bike rides, flourescent yellow bags. Sleeping faces for hours on end. Standing right under big ben. Dancing in the rain. Being held so tightly to keep warm. Pink nails, fountains, touring London at night, reflections of rain. Small glances at eachother. Jazz music all around, being mistaken for Japanese, shaking hands, trembling shivers. Chet Baker. Falling inlove.

Did I miss anything out? xx


siwing said...

mm nom nom nom it looks so yummy !

Exuvalia said...

The shape of your eyes is perfect. <3

b. said...

Cute earmuffs and yummy icecream ~ yay!!

>w< I eat icecream in the middle of winter too. It's too yummy not too. *nom nom*

bonita of Depict This!

kittycat said...

that looks delicious!

Coco said...

your eyes are so adorable! :)
- Coco

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

mMM I have such a bad sweet tooth ..looking at your pix is making me want to get some ice cream!

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