Sunday, 5 September 2010

Even more etsy items up! Naka's giveaway!

Just added a few more items onto my etsy shop! I'm trying to make so many things!
Lots more to come! Also will be modelling them soon! So keep an eye out!
Lipbalm! & Phone charms!!
I have so many of the phone charms in stock! Theyre chocolate milk & strawberry milk if you didn't figure it out haha ^^ x I'm thinking of giving some away to friends, maybe add some to a giveaway ^^ xxxxxxxxxx

Also!!!! Check out Naka's lovely giveaway! She's such an amazing person!
You should most deffinately check out her blog! Eek! That reminds me!
I've reached 200 followers! Giveaway soon! Gah that was quick!! It's only been a month!
Annnnyway ahaha! Check out her lovely blog and join her giveaway!
(Loving the Angelic Pretty bag as background btw^^)
I'll leave this on my sidebar too so you all dont miss out! Giveaway ends 20th Sept!...I think? Check it out anyways hunny bees!! Oh and amazing apron i must say^3^xxxxx


London's-beauty said...

you know the second picture, that reddish pink pot, what is it!? It looks so good to try out ^_______^ cute stuff!! :)

Mimi said...

Heya hunny bee! Its handmade by me ^^ I have a little left, maybe I can send you a sample? x

siwing said...

the lipbalm packaging is sooo cute !! ^_^

i love reading naka's blog ! she's very creative !

kittycat said...

hey i don't know if you ever got my email saying that i'm in a location where my giveaway prize can be sent now! did you?

xo tiffany

Naka said...

thank you ^^ and do you have adeviatn art where u post ur drawings :p?

good luck for the giveaway and thanks for entering :3

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