Friday, 15 October 2010

Jesus Diamante Coat Line Up!

I think this winter I'm obsessing over coats haha!
This is Jesus Diamante's Coat Line up! I'm in love!


Traveling Girl said...

i love them all! *o*

Winnie's Girl said...

What a fashion! She looks just like a doll!

(and hello) I'm one of your partners from swapbot for the bloggers swap


Very pretty blog!
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ElizabethMD Jewelery said...

OMG I LOVE those coats! WOW.

coming at you from swap-bot again, already following you.


KC said...

cute! ^___^

Winnie's Girl said...

Wow, I've never seen style like this! They look like life size dolls!
That would be fun to wear.

I'm a swapbot partner from bloggers swap: jouaient

Steve, Brandy, Allie,and Mackenzie said...

Ok I seriously love all these coats! mamatoallie on swapbot

Steve, Brandy, Allie,and Mackenzie said...

Ok, I tried to leave a comment here last night and apparently it didn't take 2! I love these coats. Like LOVE LOVE them. Ironically however, I don't like to wear them, but they are so pretty!

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