Friday, 28 January 2011

Silver Leica

Check out this super cute etsy store!
Silver Leica!
I adore their items!
Sorry but not too many personal posts recently because my camera is in Belgium!
So i'm going to have to make do with what i can!
Although I'm trying to post more OOTDs! and more FOTD!
I'm just constantly working so I dont really get any time!!!
Anyways! I'm ordering in a lot of new fabric & deco items, nail art supplies
so i can start making items again! All my items are still in Belgium TT^TT
At my old place, so I still need to get them back!
Anyways! Check out this super cute etsy store!!
I'm thinking of buying a few things off them!

1 comment:

sugar sugar said...

awww these are so cute! :3

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