Friday, 4 February 2011

What colour should I go for??

Ok! I'm thinking of a new hair colour!!
I'm thinking of trying out a palty hair dye colour!
Though my hair currently is jet black, I think I'll have to bleach my hair first!
I really don't know which colour to go for!
Sparkling blonde!
I've never tried fully blonde before, though I'm scared that it might be patchy
and because my hair is jet black, it will be so difficult to go to blonde!
I've never seen myself blonde before, so I guess I'll just get a wig for now haha!
Rasberry Macaron!
Is it too red? I do think that the reddish, browns suit me more.
Though I'm not all 100% for this one! I'm trying for the gyaru hair style, all!
More hime gyaru, but I'm so stuck!!
I think If my hair doesn't turn out as red as I wished then
I would have to turn to this colour!!
Milk Tea Brown
I love this colour! Perfect for gyaru hair!
Although, I think it could be a little plain? Like not enough colour?
My hair is jet black, I dont want it turning out to be like the colour
of dry straw! I would like to try this hair colour though!
Maybe this calls for a wig ahah! If not, I'm so stealing that head piece!
I'm so making one of them for myself!

Maple Dougnut!
Too much colour! I'm scared it will turn out orange! Ginger!
Eek! It's got to be a no from me! Too much!!Juicy Peach!
I'm leaning towards this one out of all of them!
Though I'm not so sure, it will turn out this red?
Cause my hair is jet black I guess i would have to bleach it,
Or maybe just dye my hair like 2 or 3 times to get this colour!
Everytime i choose a colour I always have to choose something lighter
than the colour i want! Because my hair is so naturally dark!Juicy Ash
I do like this colour! Though I wish it was more of a blonde ash,
rather than a grey tone ash! I'm scared it could make my hair look so grey!
It would be ok if it had a little colour in, like purple, blonde, or brown.
But sorry not a pure ashy grey colour T^THoney Peanuts!
I adore this colour! Then again, my hair is jet black!
Making it almost impossible to get this colour!
I think this would be the lightest I'd allow my hair to go,
I wouldnt go anymore lighter than this!
Perfect colour for hime gyaru hair, but I'm not sure its the best for me?Honey Brown!
This colour is so cute! I love it!
It looks quite natural! Well more than other colours,
then again I don't think it would turn out this colour on my hair!
Maybe I should bleach it first, then dye it this colour?
I think this colour though is one of the best!Caramel Brown!
This one has to be the most natural out of them all, I think it just gives
that little extra colour to your hair!
Though, if i bleached my hair first then I think the brown would be
much lighter than this! I'm not too sure, It might be a little too plain?
I don't want so natural looking hair haha!
Maybe a wig is called for? Natural Brown
I've tried this colour before, and somehow I wasnt really
too happy about it. I always wanted more and more colour!
Something more fake! More lighter! This colour was so natural on me,
I like the over the top kind of hair colour, not too over the top
But a colour that you know is not natural on me.
Macaron Beige!
I think this colour would be great! I want it more blonde than brown though
I'd have to bleach my hair first before i get to dye it this colour!
Its a perfect light colour, but not enough colour! More blonde!!!
Gold Brown!
This colour I'm afraid would turn out ginger on my hair!
It's too orange on my hair, I'm leaning towards either a blonde ashy colour brown
Or a reddy colour brown! I just don't know which colour to choose TT^TT

Maybe I should try on wigs before I go about colouring my hair!


sugar sugar said...

I like Milk Tea!!! I have Caramel Brown on my hair right now. "_

Banana-Nut said...

I think you would look absolutely adorable as a blond! My hair is a milk-tea brown color and I'm pretty partial to that, but if I had to choose another color, I'd pick Rasberry Macaroon~!

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

I used Milk Tea on my hair once and I LOVED it. <33 I'll always vote for that colour.

Also, if it's palty and you're using one of the lighter colours, it'll lighten your hair anyway: their lighter range of dyes contain a bit of bleach.

Still, if you DO want the exact colour on the box, you can bleach it previous to dying it. (Palty even has its own bleaches-- I've also used one myself.)

arkaya (jess) said...

Milk tea is my favorite, I think that would look so cute, I have really red hair at the moment, but think I might go blonde again next time :)

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