Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New giveaway! Vote now! Your favourite!

Which character would you like my newest giveaway themed on?
Hello Kitty
Little Twin Stars
Charmmy Kitty
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siwing said...

hi hi !

i'm not too sure the poll works.. i'm getting an Bad Request (Invalid Hostname) error..

sugar sugar said...

hi mimi! i want to vote but i can't i keep landing on a page which says error. >o<"

Ken said...


i cant seem to vote...

TamTam said...

Just voted for Charmmy Kitty

Your newset follower

tamtamlee from follow my blog 2 swap-bot

Tam Hess said...

I voted "Little Twin Stars" not a popular vote. I used to love those. My sis LOVES "Cinnamon Roll". :)

patricias fabric art said...

You look lovely great style.and the layout of you're blogs great

arkaya (jess) said...

rilakkuma all the way <3


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