Friday, 11 February 2011

Rakuten Online Store
Just a website I found!
Japanese clothing!
They have everything!
Bags, makeup, snacks, wigs, clothes, loads more!!!


amanda said...

i love rakuten! :) the only shame is that they don't accept paypal :(

Banana-Nut said...

Before I just wanted a regular petticoat, now I'm in love wit those race petticoats. I also need to try that braid that is done in the bangs. I wonder how you'd go about that? ;n;

Melody said...

Oh! Those gloves!!
I think my friend bought them for me from ? Extreme love <3

Renny.Baelentyne said...

some excellent sites there! :D i love your blog graphics! it is so happy and cute ^_^

arkaya (jess) said...

ah, I love so many things on this site - I wish they took paypal !

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