Friday, 15 April 2011

Kawaii Stationary Haul!!

I went out shopping a few weeks ago!
For kawaii stationary!
I know this post is pretty late!
Though Im trying to update everything!
I'm ordering some new contacts soon!
Also Ive been buying new makeup!
So I'll try a tutorial soon also hauls and reviews!
Also Ive been buying some cute clothes! Haul posts again!
Cute sticker sheets!
Kawaii cake letter set!
I loved it!
2 Reg size decotapes!
9 Mini decotapes!
10 mini badges! 1 kawaii eraser!
3 rilakkuma mini memo pads
3 kawaii hair clips in pairs
2 kawaii band aids
1 kawaii sticky post it note pad
I hope you like!
Also I've dyed my hair yet once again! To black haha
Nothing too much hehe!! Ill try and post loads more soon! x


Alexandriaweb said...

So adorably cute :D

kaizokumousy said...


Ericka the Vanilla Perv said...

Everything looks so cute. I also love the layout of your blog where you have followers at the top. It's like a big mural. If I ever have more followers, I'd love to do that too. Just stopping by from S-B Follow My Blogger Swap. <3 Vanillaperv

Ms.Lovender said...

When it comes to stationaries we can`t really stop our self from getting them. Who doesn`t like stationaries? :) Have a great day!

.s.e. said...

All these things are simply adorable!! And I don't normally enjoy kawaii stuff but what a great selection!!

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DinjaDONUT said...

Awwww what a cute stuff :D
I follow your blog ^___^

Bubbles said...

I've not bought any new stationery for nearly a year and this makes me want to shop but for now I want to use what I have so will wait until the summer at least.

swapbot: samash

1teaspoonsugar said...

I LOVE your blog. right from the kawaii cute mouse pointer. glad i found it through swap-bot. very very very cute :) I would love to follow your blog, you have selected great pieces of stationary! xx

1teaspoonsugar on swapbot :)

MissKatv said...

oh my! thank god I found your blog! soo kawaii! :D great picks! envy! I love cute stuffs too! :)

new follower here :)

Heather's Stitching Story said...

I love all your stationary! I wish we had shops that sold such lovely stuffs!


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Kerri said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! I ADORED Hello Kitty years ago - especially the tiny stationery items - must admit I still do! Great site!

Bubbles said...

I'm so jealous this is so cute, I love stationery and stickers :).

I noticed the Mac sign on your sidebar, I recently bought some of their eyeshadow and its great... its a little bit glittery and shows up so well on my dark eye lids.

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