Thursday, 14 April 2011

New Phone!!

I'm ordering a new phone!!
To the LG Ice cream! In pink!!
I think it's so cute! Also I love HUGE flip phones hahaha!
I hope they can dangle phone charms hehe!
So cute! I'm also ordering a new pink laptop!
Ill get them in 3 weeks! I cant wait!!!


PetiteMiyuu said...

where did you order it?

Mimi said...

Ebay ^3^ x

Natali said...

the phones look so cute! I love the colours!

mimi said...

I have this phone! ^^ The pink version~~~ (: It's really cute~~~ & you can customize the light on the front (:

mimi said...

& you can dangle stuff from the phone~~ ^^ hahaha~ there's a hole for it~

Petit-pain-depice said...

I love these phones ! do you have one like this ?

Mimi said...

Mhm!! The pink one ^^ x

Alice said...

Hiiii ^ ^

I am your new follower from Italy!!
I really like your blog!!!
Just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi ^ ^
Have a nice week!!!

Banana-Nut said...

I'm so jelly jealous! Those phones are so sleek and pretty! I want the pistachio or pink one~!


Petit-pain-depice said...

I likeeee this phone ! I want one too ! my keitai is broken, i have Iphone now though

Vyvy said...

soooo cute!!!! I want hahah

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