Sunday, 23 October 2011

Etude House Sweet Eye Cupcake Review & Swatches

Etude House Sweet Eye cupcake review!
I received menu #1, which was a perfect colour for me!!
Hopefully I shall do a tutorial soon, however it is only 2 colours
I would be needing more colours to finish a look!
So this is my Etude house eye cupcake review!

Like always Etude House always have such cute packaging so that appealed to me greatly!!
It looked very sweet and very cute, just like a small cupcake!
The outside packaging reminded me of how I used to buy cupcakes
they used to come in little boxes, just like this one!
The inside tin, it's not huge, but Im guessing no one would want a huge cupcake
inside their bag?
As for the inside, it's a pretty mineralised eyeshadow duo.
The colours look perfect together! Like chocolate and vanilla!
The texture matches well! Just like the top of a cupcake!
I was scared at first that the colour would be really dull and not come out so bold.
This is so very bright! The colours come out very well!!
I also would like to get Menu 5 too!! It looks so dark!!
I will add this item into a tutorial sometime!

Gah I need to post more!! Ive yet again lost my little camera
I need to find it!! I shall try and post other things instead for now!
Giveaway soon!!


Anonymous said...

I was at Etude House yesterday. I saw the Eye Cupcakes too. They're so so cute!! <3


Karen Grigsby said...

I so want a Eye cupcake! They are totally my style!

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