Sunday, 23 October 2011

KOSE Cosmagic New Items!!

KOSE Cosmagic new items!
Between you and me, I'm not so keen on the name cos-magic ¬¬
Pretty pink packaging!!
I would love to try the BB powder but thats about it!
Though apparently its an all In one!
I just want to try out if it's just as well as foundation, skincare and concealer!
I doubt it, but its worth a try!
Packaging could be a tad better though. Oh well!! xx


{WynterPON}ーちゃん said...

Hi ~~ just dropping in ♥♥
love your blog `~ I saw all your new posts ( ^ O ^ ) . / I love your review ~. I have new posts on my bloggie too if you want chekc them out (^w^;;)

xoxo for now, your HarajukuGal,

Karen Grigsby said...

Love your cute blog! You showcase some of the neatest makeup I have ever seen!

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