Monday, 28 November 2011

Cinnamon Stick Bundle decorations!

Getting crafty this Christmas!!!
How to make Cinnamon stick bundles!

  • Bundle five cinnamon sticks together. Use a rubber band to hold them in a bundle. You can make the bundles larger if you wish, but they may start to overwhelm your table settings unless you have unusually thin sticks of cinnamon.

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    Slide several sprays of flowers underneath the rubber band. They should not be longer than the cinnamon sticks and the blooms should sit about half an inch away from the rubber band. Arrange them to your satisfaction so that they lie on top of the bundle and spill over the edges slightly.

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    Tie the ribbon around the rubber band and the flowers. Use a thin line of hot glue to make sure that the ribbon does not slide and reveal the rubber band. Make a pretty but not overly large or fluffy bow with short tails. Notch the ends of the tails with the scissors for a more finished look.

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    Tuck a corner of the place card underneath the ribbon. It should be on the opposite side of the ribbon from the blooms of the flowers. Use a dot of hot glue to hold it in place. If you are not using these table toppers to mark people's places at a table, then skip this part.

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    Arrange the cinnamon table toppers in a way that pleases you. You can position one in front of each plate, or you can arrange them on a silver serving tray, pile them in a basket or just arrange them loosely in the center of the table. Soon, your entire dining area will smell like cinnamon and your guests will be eager to eat.


    Jessica said...

    yummy :O

    Fin Anilyn Anthonelly said...

    I have made jars with cinnamon in them bound like that. They smell good AND look fantastic when you add just a touch of creativity!
    Fickity Twist- S.Bot

    Iggygirl said...

    sound like it would look great and smell great.

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