Friday, 25 November 2011


Must make these dishes this winter!!
Also I think I'll give a little more information about me,
as I never really shared any!
So I live in North London, in a lovely apartment with my partner
I don't study art, but I am a practising artist constantly updating my portfolio
I work as a chef in a Thai restaurant, so my speciality is in Asian foods.
I should post some dishes up that I have cooked!
Also give you the recipe too! I love cooking food, hence me being a chef lol
Recently made home made Guacamole! Yum!
Also I've just bought a pumpkin so I'll be making Pumpkin pie!!
If anyone has any questions or suggestions for me just say ^^
I love hearing back from you xx


Piimanyx said...

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Woah, you are a chef in a thai restaurant ! Is very fun ! I like too cook ! I would look your recipe, maybe I'll try one day :)

Karen Grigsby said...

Love comment blog 5 kraftkj swapbot

I can't imagine being a chef..loved looking at you pictures of the food. I am a very simple cook as in I love one pot meals.

Fin Anilyn Anthonelly said...

That looks SOOOO good! Thank you! I am so going to make this tomorrow! You made me really really want to have some tonight tho!
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Iggygirl said...

Oh those look yummy, I want to try them too, especially the beef hot pot.

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