Thursday, 17 November 2011

Yohji Yamamoto 2011 Fall RTW

Before anything, I just wanted to tell everyone why I changed my blog!
First thing is that it just was not me! I do not even like pink that much
I love strawberries yes, cute asian cosmetics, although I felt as if the only things
about my blog was this sweet girly side. If anyone really knew me, I'm not that sweet
or pink or cute haha. I'm trying to make my blog more me,
I would still like to post cute asian things up, although I felt so limited to that.
I'd much prefer to post about me, and what I do from day to day life.
What I wear, and it doesn't have to be some cute lolita dress.
As much as I love kawaii, I have a much stronger personality than that.
I am still under going some changes on my blog.
I am trying to express myself more, how people should know me.
Rather than just posting about kawaii items or cute asian cosmetics,
There's so much more to me than that haha.
So I'm trying to start at a different angle.
Anyway! Back to the original post!!
To one very beautiful designer!
Yohji Yamamoto is one of my favourite designers!
Always has been and always will be!
I don't know, but anyone who lives in London,
there was a show/gallery on this year about August time?
I'm not sure if you went, but oh my how it amazed me~
He never fails to amaze me!
So this is the Fall 2011 RTW Collection!!
I love the flower power haha! The candy hair looks amazing too!
Also I'm bringing the cage skirt back! Anyone want to join me in this? Haha!
Enjoy, click read more at the bottom to see all the images x


Traveling Girl said...

wow, haven't visited your blog for a while, but I like the change! I hope that you will be able to post more, now that you are not so limited to the subject(s), I will definitely be reading! :)

Mimi said...

Thanks!! Same i hope Ill post so much more! Now that i can post whatever I like, you guys can get to know me more and what i do ^^ x

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