Thursday, 17 November 2011

Winter Wishlist!

I'm not one for buying clothes online that much,
Although I have been meaning to buy a winter coat!
I was looking few a few online shops,
I ended up at asos looking through all the coats!
I did come across some cute fur coats, though
this coat really caught my eye!
It's original price is £110, reduced to £88.
I love it! It's so pretty, also with a hood!
I don't usually spend LOADS of money on clothes,
although I will invest in a good winter coat!
I only have a few worries! The material is 40% Polyester, and only 35% wool
I do like quality material, though it could be very warm inside,
I just hope it's not a cheap material that you normally use for a throw haha.
Should I? If anyone knows better please do tell me haha, I would like a pretty
coat this winter. Im not 100% sure still,

What I do need to get is cuffs!
They're so simple haha, I do need to buy more cuffs,
Investing in a lot of fur this winter!
Also thinking of getting some nice boots, maybe VW ones,
so undecided on what ones though!! Maybe The Melissa military boots?


MissFeelo said...

Love the first jacket! Though I don't think I could keep warm with it. XD

Mimi said...

See, I'm very small though, this would completely cover me haha, like a blanket! It's going to be way bigger on me, but I dont know, Im thinking layers this season! x

Piimanyx said...

Love Comment Blog ♥ (5) Piimanyx (3/3)
The first jacket is so lovely !! ♥
I've always cold in winter because of my poor jackets, this one must take into hot

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