Monday, 12 December 2011

TONY MOLY Petite Bunny Gloss Bar Review

So I was brought back a lot of Korean cosmetics about Spring time
I still need to review LOADS of these, but recently my camera got fixed,
So here is my first review!
I love this! It's a small gloss stick
In colour #04 red
I love it so much! Not very red though, which is a shame,
More of a tinted red, like a balm
Though I love the packaging!!
You can see it doesn't come up so red, more of a balm
It's a nice consistency, not too sticky or not too hard.
I only wish it be a bit more red, as I LOVE red lips!
Recently bought aswell the RED lipstick from the Holiday mac 2011 collection in
Such Flare!! I'll have to swatch that sometime soon!!

Updated Winter Wishlist!!


aMz88 said...

Love the Petite Bunny Gloss Bar Packaging! i was tempted to buy it last time but then i realized i had too may balms, aww love bunnies so much =3

NyxieLove said...

so nice! cute :D

MissFeelo said...

Ah my friend got my a gloss stick when she visited Korea. It's such a neat idea. I love the packaging for this one!

PrincessAlayna said...

Hi there! I'm Alayna, your partner for the Check Out My Blog swap on SwapBot! I love your sense of've got some gorgeous things on your wishlist; all dramatic, flamboyant, whimsical. Love, love, love it!

*~ Alayna
(Lady Guenevere)

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