Monday, 12 December 2011

Yankee Candles!!

Latest Haul!!
Yankee candles!
I ordered 12 yankee candle wax tarts!
I know there isn't 12 in the picture haha, that's because I've already melted one!
So I've recently really been into Yankee candles!!
I went ahead and bout lots of wax tarts in lovely xmasy scents!!
I bought them off ebay and only for 99p each!!
Argh, I cannot wait to be able to melt all these!
Kinda need more tealights though, I didnt think about them hahahahah!!

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Ting said...

Those candles! I've always wondered what they were called, and now I know ^~^ Those are great - they scent up your living space a treat!

Amy said...

Ooh nice! I should get some of them candles! I've been looking for some Christmassy ones! Xx

PrincessAlayna said...

My boyfriend actually brought me a Birthday Cake scented Yankee Candle---the large jar one, as I have no cute and adorable things in which to light and display tealights---and I'm so excited to break it out soon. (My b-day is a few days after Christmas). Yankee candles are fabulous!

*~ Alayna

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