Sunday, 19 February 2012

Most recent Pictures!!

Haven't posted my pictures in a while!
Got to get back into blogging!
I promise I will!!

New hair!! Little fringe! I love it!
*no makeups hehehe*
*needs to clean mirror*

With my lovely sister, in the sunny sun!!

Bahh!!! Need summer to come NOW!!!
Gonna post FOTD AND OOTD soon!
It's been too cold! I haven't been going out at all!
Just work work work!
Looking for a new apartment this summer!
Can't wait to move to a nicer place!
I should take some pictures of the new place!!

Im back on twitter again!!
Follow me!

Ill follow back :) xxx


NaTT said...

Wow Wow , so cute the pics! n.n

LemonberryLulu said...

cute! I love the alice bow in the 3rd one!

Paula Yang said...

you're cute (:

Paula Yang said...

you're cute (:

MissFeelo said...

You and your sister look adorable. I like your fringe too! Ah, how I wish I could pull off a nice blunt cut fringe. ;sigh;

I added you on Twitter!!

Traveling Girl said...

ooh, need to see a better photo of the fringe! I always doubt about getting a fringe, any length!
I love your eye look in the photo with the.. err.. eyeliner mustache?

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