Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Never An Early Bird

Never happy when I need to be up so early -*-
Pay day yesterday, left my job! ¬¬;
It was a s***hole anyways, I hate it when my job is so uncertain
Got a new job today though >0
Gonna be a busy busy chef!
If anyone's in London town, and wants to try some smexy Thai food!
Been needing a new job for ages now! Thank the Lord!

And yes, I know I need to stop smoking, but hey that's a whole different thing
I'm gonna battle!! One thing at a time!

P.S - You've got to love the Dr Who poster ;) xxx

I have been eyeing up some make up storage stuff the past week or so
I've finally decided what I will get!!
From Muji!
I'll get some images when I buy it and fix it up later!
I'll do a blog about my makeup storage/collection
Maybe a video, not too sure though ~x


Yoshi said...

Muji is great :) I'm curious to see your storage solution when finished ^^

And maybe I will really travel to London this summer :D


haze said...

Cute ♥

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