Thursday, 15 March 2012

Get your nails on!!

I'm thinking of going for Hime nails!
I'll do them myself! I have ordered so much nail supplies!
Oh! New makeup storage! I must take pictures for you!!
Also getting my nails done today, but will decorate them myself!
Some kawaii nails!



Katherine Tealeaf said...

I've always loved these decorative gyaru type nails, but I can't imagine typing with them much haha!

Amy said...

I love jp nails! They're so beaituful and cute! :3

- Amy


NaTT said...

LOOOOOVELY art desingns!!! *o*

Laura-May said...

OMG the firts nail art is very cute, beautiful *-*

MissFeelo said...

:O These look great. Hope you post pictures of your own creations if you do decide to do this look! ^^

Taylala said...

I'd love nails like those ^_^

Rinny said...

Oh these are all so cute! It's hard to choose a favorite :D

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